This is Africa: Restoring An Image, Rewriting A Story, Reshaping A Continent!

This is Africa: Restoring An Image, Rewriting A Story, Reshaping A Continent!

The wrong narrative of Africa was sold to us, and we bought it hook, line and sinker. It’s just no longer news that the narrative of Africa has been one of wear and tear, just keeps you wondering that how come a people blessed with healthy natural and mineral resources but still suffer from the sickness of resource curse not knowing it’s left from right and uphill battles for black gold and blood diamond.

It’s time that we Africans start selling the other narrative hidden from the world. The narrative that truly sells who we are, our strengths, our culture, our history, our stalwart character, our people, our sports, our age-long accommodating tradition. Africa is too rich to have sparse information on our cultures and traditions.

“Life is a narrative. Stories are powerful tools which shape the way we are and the stories we tell about ourselves forms the way the world sees us, which is a strong case for perception management. That how we perceive ourselves (self-worth) is how the world will see us be. History belongs to those who write it and it’s only them that can form and make history.”

This shall be a collective reclamation of what it means to be African, and the power of telling our own stories. With full commitment to excavating the narratives that have surrounded us for so long, and the power that lies in moulding new ones.

OhAfrika’s commitment to creating a forum/blog/activities/brands for Africans is with the mindset of reclaiming Africa’s vibrant identity in the global consciousness and restoration of good images to the global map. Our purpose is to showcase, preserve and promote our powerful heritages and perspectives across the continents. Just a year old, we’ve been able to reach quite large numbers of visitors to our news media website and promising social media engagements, with a presence in over 30 countries. This is us reshaping the continent with one story and creation at a time.

OhAfrika is presenting and creating Africa “we want to see”; not one that denies the challenges we face as a continent, but one that is nuanced enough to offer tangible solutions and celebrate innovation and aspiration.

Certainly, reshaping the narrative won’t “not just be a historical necessity but a generational requirement,” and likewise won’t just be an online influence alone, but also with some engagements in offline activities.

This is who we are “rewriting the story of the Africans. Hopefully, you will join and support us.”