Write With Us For Africa!

Write With Us For Africa!

Have you got content about Africa that you feel the world should hear about? Are you above an average writer who wants to influence people positively with your writing gifts? Do you have a nose for news as you see great things happening in Africa that worth media exposure? Then, you should join our network of bloggers, writers, and publishers, as we are always looking for new authors that can add values.

If you have an idea, viewpoint or research that will delight our audience, we are keen to hear about it. We are always excited to learn about fresh perspectives of Africa. You should also become a regular contributor for Oh Afrika!


What we are looking for?

Submit your articles/contents, combined with necessary and corresponded pictures. We are interested in original content, which means content that has not been published anywhere else (including your own blog). We want your content to be the best it can be, and we’ll push you to get there. Once accepted you will get feedback and we may ask you to do several revisions before we publish it.

Kindly make sure your submission;
  • has a clear argument and values.
  • is written for an audience of knowledge, entertainment and innovation seekers, focusing on Africa.
  • is supported with convincing arguments, not just mere opinions. Fact-check, and cite sources.

Please, kindly note that at this point, we do not offer any payments for your content. We may, however, be willing to offer links and credits.


What we publish?

Our goal is to showcase, promote and preserve African heritage, activities, history, arts and more. So, we publish anything that we consider being innovative, educative and entertaining contents, that adds value to our audience. This content can include written articles, infographics, case studies, and videos.

The body of your content should fall within the realm of innovation, education or entertainment. A content that has to directly or indirectly solve socio-economic and environmental issues in Africa. This can be anything relating to unemployment, poverty, health challenges, education, politics, history, science and technology, crime, agriculture, food security, and the environment.

In particular, we are more interested in contents that showcase the beautiful side of Africa to the world. Contents that leverages on our imperfections in providing solutions to all these pressing challenges.


Our Audience?

In order to add value to our audience, you should probably know a bit more about our audience and what they are interested in. Here’s a brief overview;
* Our audiences are English speaking.
* Top 10 of most of our readers come from United States, Nigeria, Germany, United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, South Africa, Ukraine, France & Kenya.

Audience pain points?

Our audience’s time is valuable and scarce and that is why we need to provide great value to make their time investment in visiting Oh Afrika worthwhile. We can only do this by providing great contents on what makes Africa a beautiful continent to visit and invest, amidst our imperfections and flaws.


Your Benefits?

Thoughts and mindsets shape actions! And that actions will shape our destiny!! Our goal is to make impacts on human lives. And with the aim of doing that, we intend to start from home, which is Africa! We would like to contribute to the evolution and transformation of Africa via great contents on our website, and we definitely can’t do that alone. You being a writer for Oh Afrika, you will influence the thoughts and mindsets of social innovators across our continent and beyond. And by implication, you will have a ripple effect in shaping the destiny of this continent. Remember, it all starts with the right thoughts and beliefs…
We will obviously post your article or case study on our blog. Beyond that, we will regularly share it on our social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


How to submit?

Send your contents to our email address; ohafrikans@gmail.com